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I love planning and organizing party games for small AND large events. The bigger the better! I once ceated a treasure hunt for two hundred teenage girls. That was just ONE of the activities I planned for our week of camping.

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This page has the list of many great party games, but not broken out into categories. If you are looking for a specific group of games, use the left side buttons to narrow the playing field.

As you visit any page in this website, the link will change to a purple color. Use this tip as a guide to which party game pages you have already seen (purple link), and which you might want to investigate (blue link).


A Knotty Problem
A Shoe In
American Balloon Football

Amoeba Tag
Animal Hat


Baby Animal Names
Baby Shower Bingo
Baby Shower Candy Bar Game
Baby Shower Word Search
Baby Sock Rose
Baby Word Scramble
Back to Back Tag
Ball Talk
Balloon Baseball
Balloon Crab Soccer
Balloon Crunch
Balloon Dodge Ball
Balloon Hockey
Balloon Miniature Golf
Balloon Sit
Balloon Stomp
Balloon Table Tennis
Balloon Volleyball
Bandaid Tag
Barber Shop
Baseball Cap Tap

Be Mine Bingo
Beach Ball Bear Hug
Bearded Relay
Bee and Butterflies Tag
Belly of the Bat
Bird, Beast or Fish
Bigger or Better Scavenger Hunt
Blindman's Bluff Tag
Blob Tag
Bobbing for Apples
Bocce Frisbee
Box of Recipes
Bridal Shower Bingo
Bridal Shower Purse Game
Bridal Shower Word Scramble
Build a Kite
Burglar Alarm
Buried Treasure
Button Button


Can You Name It
Candy Egg Toss
Candy Corn Catch
Candy Bar Connection
Capture the Flag
Celebrity Charades
Champion Sock Wrestling
Charity Game Exchange
Cheese Trivia
Chin Up
Chocolate Face Race
Chocolate Trivia
Christian Symbols of Christmas
Christmas ABC's
Christmas ABC Scavenger Hunt
Christmas Bingo
Christmas Carol Clues
Christmas Cookie Pictionary

Christmas Gift Wrap Relay
Christmas Photo Hunt
Christmas Present Maze
Christmas Present Scavenger Hunt
Christmas To Do List Word Scramble
Christmas Tree Time Line
Classic Water Balloon Toss
Classic Door to Door Scavenger Hunt
Cookie Pictionary
Corn Hunt
Cotton Ball Race
Cranberry Stringing
Cucumber Face Race
Cup to Cup
Cupcake Walk


Distance Water Balloon Toss
Do Not Cross Your Legs
Double Decker Prize Grab
Dress Up the Guest

Drop the Sheet
Duck Duck Goose
Duck Pond


Easter Bunny Tag
Egg and Spoon
Egg Bowling
Egg Rolling

Egg Toss
Eye of the Kneedle


First Impression
First One Back to Your Chair
Flag Football
Flashlight Tag
Flashlight Treasure Hunt
Food Relay

Football Match Up
Fourth of July Jar
Fourth of July Trivia
Fourth of July Word Search


Gobble, Gobble
Going on a Picnic
Gotta Have It
Grahmie Bags

Graveyard Scavenger Hunt
Grocery List Scavenger Hunt
Grocery List Word Game
Guess the Ingredients


Halloween Trivia
Halloween Candy Toss
Halloween Pictionary
Hawaii'an Trivia
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Hidden in Plain Sight
Home Tour Scavenger Hunt
Home Scavenger Hunt
Honeymoon Phrases

Hot Boiled Egg
Hot Seat
Housewarming Poem
Hula Bubbles
Human Knot
Human Letter Scavenger Hunt
Hung Out to Dry
Hurricane Harry


Ice Breaker Bingo
Ice Cream Sundae
Island Word Scramble


Jet Puffed Marshmellow Relay
Jump and Blow


Layers of Fun
Let's Make a Deal
Light as a Feather
Light My Fire

Little Ernie 
Love Songs 
Lung Burst 
Lyrical Lines


Mad Scientist
Make a Simple White Cake
Mambo Jumbo Fun
Manhunt Tag
Marco Polo
Marshmallow Town
Milk Jug Water Balloon Toss
Mingle, Mingle, Mingle
Minty Fresh

Monster Parts
Monster Tag
Most Popular Movie Stars
Most Unusual Transportation Scavenger Hunt
Mr. Wright Left
Mummy Wrap
Musical Chairs with a Twist
Musical Drop
Musical Statues
My Bucket Runneth Over


Nail Salon
Name Alliteration
Never Have I Ever

News of the Month
Newspaper Wedding Dress


Obstacle Course
Odds and Evens
Old Wives Tales

One Two Three Look


Pair Up Quick
Park Bench
Party People
Pass the Parcel
Patriotic Chalk It Up
Pedal Power
Perfect Picnic Menu
Pigs in a Blanket
Pillow Toss Name Game

Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Pixie Dust Relay
Pool Frisbee
Popcorn Toes
Press Conference
Puff Paint Madness
Pumpkin Roll
Purse Scavenger Hunt


Rainbow of Fun
Read the Recipe
Red Light, Green Light
Red White and Blue Tag
Reindeer Trivia

Remember That
Reverse Balloon Soccer
Ring Bearer
Rock and Roll


Safety Pins and Rice
Santa's Beard Relay
Same Difference
Santa Hat
Sea Battle
Shaving Cream Fight
Simple Photo Scavenger Hunt
Six for Six
Six Word Memoir
Sketch a Baby
Snow Footprint Tag
Spa Relay Race
Spin the Nail Polish Bottle

Spunky Frisbee
Statue Frisbee
Steal the Egg
Stool Ball
Streamer Tag
String Along Songs
String Maze
Strongest Lungs
Summer Snowball Fight
Super Bowl Trivia
Super Bowl Winners


Tag Frisbee
Tennis with a Twist
That's a No No
The Compass
The Great Scavenger Hunt
The Heart of the Matter
The Progress of True Love
The Remake Scavenger Hunt
The Spice of Life
Three Purse Items

The Wolf and the Eggs
Towel Toss
Treasure Dive
Trophy Relay
Truth or Dare
Turkey Hunt
Twas the Night Right Before Christmas
Two Heads are Better than One
Two Truths and a Dream Wish


Unusual Noises
Up Up and Away


Vampire Murders


Water Balloon Guessing Game
Water Balloon Volleyball
Wedding Date Door Prize
Weird and Wacky Scavenger Hunt
What's New

Where is Mr. Turkey?
White Cooking Ingredients
Who Am I
Who Was The Last One?
Whose Resolution Is It


You Can't Say That
You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression


Zero Cost Scavenger Hunt

I hope you enjoy this collection of party games. I sure do have fun writing them and putting them out there for all my friends...both the friends I know and the friends I haven't met yet.

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