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Summary: This Baby Shower Candy Bar Game is one the funnest baby shower games I have ever played. And the prizes for the game are included IN the game. Read more and I'll tell you what I mean.

Ages: Anyone playing the baby shower candy bar game should be at least 16 and up due to the humor associated with each key word and corresponding candy bar.

Recommended Number of Players:
Between 5 and 20

Index cards with key words that correspond to the candy bars you were able to purchase for the game. If you don't want to drive all over town looking for these candy bars on the list, just go to my favorite store...

The only candy on my list that Old Time Candy doesn't currently carry is the Nibs brand of licorice. You can substitue with black licorice bites, but I just love the name Nibs.

This list shows the key word first and the corresponding candy bar. Purchase as many candy bars as desired to play this game.

1. Boy - Oh Henry
2. Girl - Baby Ruth
3. Dr.'s bill - 100 Grand
4. Epidural - Lifesaver
5. Belly button - Nibs (black)
6. Big baby - Chunky
7. Newborn - Lemonhead
8. Heartburn - Red Hots
9. Umbilical cord - Licorice Laces
10. Contractions – Whoppers
11. Baby's first words - Goo Goo Cluster
12. Nursing - Milky Way
13. Fathers nickname for Baby - Whatchamacallit
14. Doctor - Butterfinger
15. Conception - Skor
16. Labor - Rocky Road
17. Twins - Twix
18. Preemie - Runts
19. Stomach - Mounds
20. Dirty Diapers - Raisinets
21. Mothers nickname for baby - Bit o' Honey
22. Mastitis – Milk Duds
23. Grandma’s advice – Good & Plenty

Set Up:
1. Make 2 index cards each using the first key word from the list.
2. Shuffle the index cards and place them upside down on a table or floor in a square or rectangle so that all cards can be seen.
3. Have the candy bars close so you can award the winner immediately upon picking two matching cards.

How to Play:
It is played like concentration and whenever two of the same word is turned over, the person immediately receives the candy bar associated with that term.

For instance, the first player would turn over two index cards and read both words. If they match, they get the candy bar associated with those key words. Then the same player gets to take another turn. If they don't match, the cards are placed again upside down in the same location. The next player then takes a turn.

Winner: Technically, anyone who earns a candy bar has won.

Print out the Key Word cards using white cardstock:

Baby Shower Candy Bar Key Words

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