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For Slumber Party Games that include some competition, stay here on this page. If you are looking for pajama party activities that have no winner or loser, we offer those as well. You will find the non-competitive activity ideas at Slumber Party Activities.

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Purse Scavenger Hunt
Three Purse Items
Spa Relay Race
Hung Out to Dry
Burglar Alarm
Flashlight Treasure Hunt
Truth or Dare
Let's Make a Deal
Jet Puffed Marshmallow Relay
What Can You Remember?
Spin the Nail Polish

I was lucky as a child. My parents had no problem with sleepovers being at my house. My girlfriends would all show up with pillows, sleeping bags and pajamas. It didn't take much more than a pillow fight to have a lot of fun.

As a teenager, the types of party games we played got a little more sophisticated. Out came the make-up, nail polish and a good old fashioned game of Truth or Dare.

And just because I am all grown up, doesn't mean I don't play games. To begin with, I am the baby of six girls. So right there, our yearly sisters reunion could be called one big sleepover. Then of course, I have organized slumber parties for different groups of girlfriends. I have hosted and planned slumber parties at a beach house, bed and breakfast, a hotel and even a campground. There is no need to stay home for a slumber party, unless you want to! And at each of these events, there were of course, slumber party activities and games.

As an adult, I like to play the classic games I played as a kid. My girlfriends are totally game when it comes to playing silly girl games. So don't be afraid of breaking out the pillow fight followed by a round of Spin the Nail Polish Bottle!

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We only played the Christmas ABC game tonight, but it was fun and funny! I have 3 more games and quizzes that I will take to my parents' house on Saturday. Thanks again!!
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