Slumber Party Activities
Designed for a Night of Fun

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These Slumber Party Activities are just for fun. They are fun things to do that girls will enjoy. None of the activities here were meant to be competitive. If you are looking for some extra challenge at your sleepover, try some of our Slumber Party Games.

Activities Available

Mummy Warp
Pigs in a Blanket
Shaving Cream Fight
Minty Fresh
Nail Salon
Grahmie Bags
Puff Paint Madness
Light as a Feather
Rock and Roll

Parents might want to consider making a computer restriction for the evening since this usually leaves a few girls out of the loop. Sometimes this is the case with cell phones as weill. Try and choose activities where everyone can be involved.

My parents had a motorhome as I was growing up. I remember them letting me use this for my party. We were home, yet felt like we were somewhere completely away.

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