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This collection of teenage party games are easy and fun to play. I have posted my favorite here on the front page.  I call it T-Shirt Color Wars.  
My daughter wanted to do something fun for her birthday, which is in October.  The weather in Washington isn't warm that time of year.  In order for her friends to get wet and still have fun, she used hot water in the video below.

She had her guests bring a couple different pieces of white clothing. That helped to double the fun!

T-Shirt Color Wars

Games Available

Frisbee Games
Relay Races
Never Have I Ever
Layers of Fun
Balloon Stomp
Champion Sock Wrestling
Chocolate Face Race
Candy Bar Connection
Double Decker Prize Grab
Summer Snowball Fight
Movie Buff

These teenage party games are not only for birthday parties. Teen and Tweens have a uniquely special way to celebrate just about anything in life. Take a peek at these teen party games and don't be fooled, these fun games can be played at any event where teenagers are present. Try some at the family reunion or youth group gathering.

The only way to know how fun these games really are is simply to PLAY them! Reading through these teenage party games won't do justice to the amount of fun and laughter they provide. Select a few fun games for your cool crowd and make your party an unforgettable hit that no one will forget!

Things to Consider

Is your house ready for a party?  Simple "Party Proofing" will save you from a lot of trouble and unnecessary grief.  Do a sweep through and put away anything valuable or breakable.  DVD's and CD's can go "missing" at a party.  Be sure to do an inventory or put them away!


I’m putting this in here because I was a teen once too. Hide all of your parents liquor bottles and anything else that really shouldn't be in the hands of your friends. If they bring their own, that's one problem. Dealing with the other is not worth the headache. When teens get together they create a lot of peer pressure. Some may do things at a party that they may not have done otherwise. 

Emergency Plan

Do you know everyone coming to your party? If you have unexpected guests arrive, don’t be afraid to uninvite them if they are causing grief. Have your phone handy for a quick call for some help. Plan for the worse, hope for the best.

Respect the Neighbors

Everyone was a teen once.  However, some forget and are not as forgiving when it comes to some teen behavior.  Sometimes a courtesy call before your party letting them know that you are having a few friends over will win over a neighbor and save you from a noise complaint. Most places have an 11 PM quiet time, so make sure your music is adjusted and your outdoor guests are not too destructive.

50 Other Things for Teens to Do

Hey, so this list doesn't include teenage party games, but it still contains fun stuff for teens to do. Some are free, some take a bit of money.

four teenagers smiling and embracing

1. Get a make-over at the mall
2. Have a picnic
3. Bake cookies
4. Have a scary movie marathon
5. Go for a bike ride
6. Go online and discover all the tourist spots near your home that you have never been to before.
7. Create a new playlist that would include all the songs if a movie were made about you
8. Make up the list of actors who would play the characters in a movie about your life
9. Run through the sprinkler with your clothes on
10. Swing on swings at the playground like you used to
11. Climb a tree
12. Write a stand-up routine and practice it for your friends
13. Hunt for bugs in the yard
14. Have a BBQ
15. Wake up early and watch the sunrise
16. Make a smoothie with only local fruit
17. Grill your breakfast on the outdoor grill
18. Make a list of traits you would want in the perfect BF/GF
19. Make or update a website
20. Play Badminton
21. Get a play from the library and direct your friends in it
22. Find a really cool quote online and then text it to a random person on your friend list
23. Make ice cream
24. Memorize a really funny joke and tell it to a friend
25. Have a sleep-over
26. Camp out in your backyard
27. Go to a local farmers’ market
28. Play a game you haven’t played with since you were a kid
29. Make up a secret code
30. Build a sandcastle
31. Pick strawberries
32. Write a story with a friend – each taking turns
33. Make a movie
34. Go backpacking
35. Spend a whole day playing board games with friends
36. Make up a treasure hunt for friends
37. Make up a scavenger hunt for you and a few friends
38. Make up a new game
39. Make popcorn the old-fashioned way
40. Hang out with your grandparents and ask them to tell you what it was like to be a teenager for them
41. Write a song
42. Make a list of things you want to do before you are twenty
43. Buy a random magazine at the store and read the whole thing
44. Redecorate your bedroom
45. Make a funny commercial and post it online
46. Have a water gun fight with friends
47. Google your own name
48. Try to make a house of cards
49. Do something nice for someone else but don’t tell them it was you
50. Write your own list of things to do and add some teenage party games!

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