Balloon Stomp

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Summary: Trying to pop the other teams balloon before they pop yours.

Ages: 6 and up

Recommended Number of Players: 8 or more

Enough balloons for every player
24 inches of string or ribbon per balloon

Set Up:
Tie a string or ribbon about 24 inches long around the end of a balloon, then tie the other end to a players ankle.

How to Play:
Once the balloon is fastened to a players ankle, blow a whistle or start music. Then all players must try to pop other players balloons by stomping on them. If your balloon is popped, you must leave the playing field. While attempting to to pop others balloons, the player must also guard his/her own balloon from being popped.

The last player with an unpopped balloon wins.

Have a longer string and tie the balloon to the back of the pants instead of the ankle, using the belt loop or such. 

Balloon Stomp as a Team Sport

This is also fun as a team sport. Each member of the same team will get the same color balloon. The last member of a team that has an unpopped balloon wins for the whole team.

Play this at your Super Bowl Sunday festivities. Purchase the balloon colors that match the two team playing in the Super Bowl. Put the balloons in a brown paper sack so the can't be seen and have the players each draw one out. The color of the balloon determines which team they are on.

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