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Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to play Super Bowl Party Games. Whether or not you are having a large gathering, or just watching the game with family, you can play these Super Bowl games. Of course, you won't want to play them until half time! Or use them as part of your pre-game festivities. Either way, they are a fun way to add to your Super Bowl Sunday activities.

The first three Super Bowl party games listed above involve football facts. One tests your knowledge of past Super Bowl winners, the second to see if you know the team names/mascots and in which stadium they play, and the third is a random mix of trivia questions. They would also be fun at a kid's football birthday party!

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Super Bowl party ideas that are geared toward kids!

Read this entire article by Family Fun Expert Desiree Miller  at The Taylor House.

My husband and I have hosted Super Bowl party games for more years than I can remember and every year we've included the kids. They get involved in decorating the house, prepping the food and planning some fun for their friends. Then, when the other kids arrive, they help keep it under control. Here's our game plan on how that happens:

No one is sidelined ...
1. Set up different areas of the home for the different age groups watching the game. We have a full basement which my husband calls the "Miller Dome" where the serious football fans go to watch. Then, we use the main level with the TV in the living room for the casual fans, or the people who are really there to watch the commercials. We set our game room aside for the kids and have one TV on with the big game and set up another TV just for video games or board games they can play. (Special safety note here: It's only fair that at least one parent still monitor their children in your home, so be sure to put a reminder by the door letting them know you appreciate that. This is especially important in our home with a swimming pool in the back yard. Whenever you're hosting many people in your home it's hard to keep an eye on all the children yourself).

Everyone's a winner...
2. Award prizes for other Super Bowl party games on the side, including some especially for the kids. For example, split the children into teams and give them a task or two. One idea is to type up a page of city names and team mascots and see which team can match them the quickest. Or, you can make individual games. Try this one: set up a system where everyone gets a pom-pom when they walk in the door. Let them know if they say the word football (or any other word you choose), anyone can take their pom-pom. The person at the end of the night with the most pom-poms gets a prize. Kids especially enjoy that game and can be really tricky when you expect it least.

Craft a team...
3. Have a craft ready in the playroom that all ages can enjoy. This can be as simple as drawing a helmet on a piece of paper and letting the kids decorate it as if they were creating their own team, complete with mascot, team colors and all. You might be surprised at how crafty the children can be when it comes to favorite creating their own team.

Kids' Choice Awards for the food...
4. Get them involved in the food. We've asked friends to bring appetizers and given them numbers on the table. As people eat, they're asked to put a vote in a basket for the number of their favorite food. You can include a special category called "Kids' Choice" that they can vote on, too. You can't go wrong with "pigs in a blanket" for any age group. The food with the most votes gets a special prize at the end of the night, like the "golden super bowl" (get it?).

The bottom line is to remember some people are there just for the game while others are really there to socialize, including the children. If you offer up some fun Super Bowl party games and other options for them, everyone will have a good time and you'll be the game winner as host.

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