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Kids outdoor games that keep them entertained as well as getting some fresh air! I have heard it said that kids today get "more screen time and less scream time." How true that seems to be. That won't be the case with this collection of outdoor games.

Games Available

Snow Footprint Tag
Stool Ball
Red Light, Green Light
Hula Bubbles
Build a Kite
Little Ernie
Champion Sock Wrestling
Mingle, Mingle, Mingle
Ball Talk
Pumpkin Roll
Rock and Roll
Sea Battle
Shaving Cream Fight
Six for Six
Flashlight Treasure Hunt
Bobbing for Apples
Capture the Flag

Ready, Set, GO!! I just loved hearing those words as a kid. That meant excitement was just about to begin. I loved playing outdoors growing up in Southern California. My friends and I played all kinds of tag, my favorites being shadow tag and flashlight tag. We played all kinds of other games as well, and invented a few of our own.

The great outdoors beckoned me to explore as many adventures outside as possible. Some experts say that a life spent mostly inside not only deprives a person of many joys but is not likely to be healthy. I can attest to that. Besides playing with friends, in my quiet moments outside, I found great joy in making mud pies all by myself in our sideyard. Children and adults like alike need time to play in the great outdoors and soak up the sunshine. And the California sun was perfect for baking my pies!

Growing up, there wasn't any thing much to do inside at my house anyway. Not like today where we have TV, YouTube, Surfing the Web, IPods, Ipads, cell phones, X-Box, Wii, and the list goes on and on and on. Me and the neighborhood kids were left to our devices. So we made our own kind of fun. I needed to stave off boredom somehow, and outside seemed like the place to do it.

So if your kids are not used to "inventing games" on their own, I have put together a collection of kids outdoor games for them to try. Some are classic games I played as a kid, and others are a little more creative.

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Jill K. from California, USA

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Mandolin P. from Washington, USA