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Who doesn't love birthday party games? Some of my favorite memories revolve around my own birthday parties and the games we played.

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I recall my own 13th birthday. I invited my friends to a slumber party and told them to come dressed up as their favorite singer. Of course, since it was 1977, the attendees included Elton John, Bob Denver, Shirley Temple, plus The Carpenters to name a few.

I talked my best girl friend Kathy into coming as in "Tony Orlando and Dawn." In this band, Dawn actually refers to two female singers. Kathy's older brother Mike made a guest appearance at the party as Tony. Those of you who were born after 1980 will have to do a name search for Tony Orlando and Dawn because I doubt any of you will know the songs "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" or "Knock Three Times."

Even at this tender age, I was planning my own parties and games to go with them. With all this experience, I wanted to share my favorite games with my readers. You will find easy to understand instructions for each game. All the games have their own page to make it simple.

When planning the birthday party, be sure to include two or three games. On this page, the games are listed in categories to make it easy to find age appropriate activities.

But there are several more games to choose from just by going to our Party Games Index. On the index page you will find over 200 games to choose from. These are listed in alphabetical order, not by age or category.

Take a peek. Open a few games with interesting titles. I am sure there will be more games there than you could use in a single day! And come back often as we are always adding more fun to the list.

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We only played the Christmas ABC game tonight, but it was fun and funny! I have 3 more games and quizzes that I will take to my parents' house on Saturday. Thanks again!!
Jill K. from California, USA

"I thought I knew a lot of party games, but whenever I go on Perfect Party Games, I learn another one!"
Mandolin P. from Washington, USA