Halloween Party Games
Available for the Whole Family

Having Halloween party games and activities ready will really liven up the teenage or adult party. They are much more fun than just sitting around watching scary movies. And games are ESSENTIAL for the children's Halloween get together.

You can also adapt traditional favorites into Halloween games to keep the ghosts and ghouls occupied. For example, you could transform an Easter egg hunt into a Halloween treat hunt, or play pin the mouth on a Halloween pumpkin instead of pin the tail on the donkey. Older kids, and adults, would enjoy a game of charades with a Halloween theme, where all of the items acted out have to have a Halloween twist to them, such as scary movies, or books. You can adapt almost any game to cater to any age group and turn it into a Halloween game.

When throwing a Halloween party, it is customary to make it a costumed affair. But not all guests like to wear costumes, especially the older crowd. If you think this might be the case, have a bucket of extra's at the door of the party. It could have things inside like hats, ties, capes, or T-shirts with funny sayings on them.

Decorating for the party is also fun. I like to have plenty of miniature pumpkins laying around, some fall leaves on the table, a scarecrow on a stick in the corner, etc. Many people like to go the scary or spooky route and hang spider webs and have glow in the dark sekeltons around for effect. And don't forget to add some background music into the mix. You can purchase eery music sound effect CD's or go for making your own custom play list like my son did for me for the last Halloween bash we threw.

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