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Adult Halloween games are a neccesity if throwing a party for Fright Night. You will find something to please everyone in our collection of games appropriate for adults, but fun for kids as well. Our collection of adult games are good clean fun. Take a peek and see which ones suit your needs.

Whether you are having a party for all your friends, or just a small affair, let me recommend one of my favorite decorations you will need to include:

Games Available

Halloween Scene
Ring the Scarecrow
Pass the Pumpkin
Skeleton Revival
Body Parts Porridge
Horror Movie Trivia
Candy Bar Connection
Mad Scientist
Halloween Trivia

Halloween is perhaps the third most popular holiday for parties, coming after New Year's and Christmas. With Halloween, we have the opportunity to dress up for the night and "be someone else." Of course, many Halloween parties are not costumed affairs. Either way, guests can enjoy a few of these Halloween-themed games.

Halloween is a time for fun and some mischievous behavior. If you are throwing a party, these games add to the holiday atmosphere. Your options here are games that fit the occasion. Halloween parties for the grown-ups are nice, as they often give adults an excuse to celebrate an occasion that is often associated with children.

Go ahead, let your hair down for the night, or put it up, whatever will suit your costume!

Tip: If you choose to have the Halloween party a costume party, you will want to avoid any awkward situations where a guest shows up without one. You could easily have bucket of "quick" costumes such as hats, large ties, etc. You might also consider having a costume contest where you advertise this on the invitations. This will help get the word out.

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