Skeleton Revival

Summary: Skeleton Revival is a game where you have to re-aassemble the dead and then dress them.

Ages: From 16 to Adult

Recommended Number of Players:
From 8 to 30

1) A put-together type skelton. It can be wood or plastic, as long as it comes apart easily and can be reassembled.
2) Sawdust, loose dirt or hay
3) A hook for re-hanging the skeleton

Set Up:
Dissamble the skeleton and bury it in the sawdust, dirt or hay

How to Play:
The first team, while being timed, must unearth all the skeleton pieces then run to where there's a hook for hanging the skeleton. They must assemble the skeleton and then, donating parts of their own clothing, dress the skeleton. This is a great spot to take pictures.

The skeleton is then undressed, disassembled and reburied for the next team.

The team with the fastest time is the winner.

This method is much easier for small children or if you don't want the game to last as long. Purchase two vinyl skeletons, the kind that sticks to the wall. Hide all the pieces in a specified room. Each team must find one of every body part and be the first to assembly it on their teams wall.

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