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Picnic games can be planned well in advance, or you can just print out a few of these game instructions and tuck them into your Picnic Kit. Or keep a few in the trunk of your car. When you're ready, so are the games.

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Cheese Trivia
Build a Kite
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Going on a Picnic
Perfect Picnic Menu Game

For me, since I live in the Northwest part of the United States, when the sun comes out for a couple days, it is time to start Picnic Season. Whenever planning a picnic in advance, or if you just happen to stop at a park with a bucket of chicken and the kids, this site makes adding a few planned picnic activities simple.

Whether or not your picnic is an event or just an accident, a few games will go a long way to making the day an enjoyable memory for all involved. And nothing influences the picnic more than a location. From beach-side barbecues to streamside feasts, the perfect is the most important variable of any picnic experience. Remember, all picnic spots aren’t created equal and finding the right one can make or break your picnic experience.

If you’re planning for a group, you will need to consider the group as a whole. Selecting a remote spot might sound tempting, but remember that bathroom facilities will be a necessity if you’re traveling with kids. Also, if you are packing a bunch of picnic gear, you might want to select a site you can drive to. Campgrounds and wilderness trails are great spots if you’re looking to get away from the noise and commotion of urban life and enjoy a stellar view, but don’t overlook more city-central picnic spots, such as municipal parks or even the grounds of a state capitol.

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We only played the Christmas ABC game tonight, but it was fun and funny! I have 3 more games and quizzes that I will take to my parents' house on Saturday. Thanks again!!
Jill K. from California, USA

"I thought I knew a lot of party games, but whenever I go on Perfect Party Games, I learn another one!"
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