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House warming party games gives you the chance to show off your new place to all of your family and friends. The best part of having a new home to call your own is that you get to personalize it just the way you want. I have found that adding my own touches has made the new surroundings comfortable and inviting. For me, Personal Creations is one of the best shops to help me turn my new house into a home. It is also a great place to get that perfect house warming gift if your one of the guests.

Games Available

Old Wives Tales
Home Tour Scavenger Hunt
Housewarming Poem
A Knotty Problem

Of course you will want to start off with a tour of your new pad, but then games provide entertainment for your guests once the home tour is over. Simple board games are fine, but why not offer more specialized house warming games that relate to the theme.

This collection of housewarming party games will have something for everyone. There are active games and some where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the quiz. Choose one or several, and Good Luck in your new home!

Activity Suggestions:

These next suggestions are for activities that are not games, but they sure do add spice to the day.

Decorate the Home:
If you haven't hung your pictures or placed the knickknacks on the shelves, let your party guests do it for you. Place all of the decorations for a particular room on a table. Pick one of the guests to go first. She selects a decoration from the table and places it where she thinks it should go in the room. She then selects the next person to take a chance at decorating the room. Continue the process until everyone has had a chance to help decorate. This activity is best for homeowners with a laid back personality. Those who have strong opinions may have difficulty watching others decorate the home.

Designer Challenge:
Choose a room in your new home that needs some design help. If you purchased a new construction home, choose a room that is plain and undecorated. If your home had a previous owner, choose a room with decor that doesn't fit your style and needs a makeover. Present the room to the guests. Provide each participant with a piece of paper and colored pencils or crayons. Let the guests become interior designers by developing a design plan for the room. Have them draw a picture of their proposed designs. After a set amount of time, let each designer present his proposal, along with a verbal explanation of her proposed changes.

Comments, Variations and Stories

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