Easter Games

What better way to have fun on Easter than with a few Easter games! These are common games, but by changing the objects of the game from their original form into eggs makes the game all about Easter!

Games Available

  • candy egg toss

    Candy Egg Toss is a game of skill where you have to toss the egg into hula hoops.

  • egg bowling

    Egg Bowling is played similar to bocce or lawn bowling.

  • egg and spoon

    A relay race using, obviously, an egg and a spoon.

  • hot boiled egg

    Hot boiled egg is similar to hot potato, but played near Easter.

  • egg toss

    The game of egg toss is a classic.

  • egg rolling

    An Easter game that brings a little more fun to the egg hunt.

A Little Easter Egg History

The ancient Egyptians, Persians, Phoenicians, and Hindus all believed the world began with an enormous egg, thus the egg as a symbol of new life has been around for eons. The particulars may vary, but most cultures around the world use the egg as a symbol of new life and rebirth. A notation in the household accounts of Edward I of England showed an expenditure of eighteen pence for 450 eggs to be gold-leafed and colored for Easter gifts. The first book to mention Easter eggs by name was written five hundred years ago. Yet, a North African tribe that had become Christian much earlier in time had a custom of coloring eggs at Easter. Long hard winters often meant little food, and a fresh egg for Easter was quite a prize. Later, Christians abstained from eating meat during the Lenten season prior to Easter. Easter was the first chance to enjoy eggs and meat after the long abstinence.

Comments, Variations and Stories

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Egg Dying

Getting Started

To start, cover a table with layers of old newspaper to soak up any spills.

Use empty egg cartons as drying racks. Keep paper towels handy to blot off any dye that pools underneath the eggs.

For colorfast egg dyes, mix 7-8 drops of food coloring into 1 cup of hot water. Stir in 1/4 cup vinegar. For more intense colors, use small amounts of professional-quality food coloring gels or pastes, available at craft, cake decorating and kitchen supply stores.

The secret to beautiful eggs? Let them dry thoroughly between coats of dye.

Homemade Dyes

To make your own natural dyes, boil common ingredients in water with a tablespoon of vinegar until the desired shade is reached. Strain to remove solids.

•Yellow: Yellow onion skins, ground turmeric
•Orange: Same as yellow, with added beet juice
•Pink: Cranberry juice concentrate
•Red: Beets, paprika
•Blue: Canned blueberries, red cabbage, grape juice concentrate
•Green: Spinach and/or kale
•Brown: Strong brewed coffee or tea

Special Effects

For spattered eggs, dip egg in a base color and let dry. Dip a clean toothbrush in a contrasting liquid color and carefully flick bristles with your fingers to make paint splatter onto egg.

For marbleized eggs, coat eggs with a base color and let dry. Mix canola or other light cooking oil into another color of dye (1 teaspoon oil per cup of dye) and quickly dunk eggs. The oil will repel color in some places and the dye will adhere in others, creating a marbled effect.

Have fun this year dyeing your eggs and using them to play the Easter games!

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