Candy Egg Toss

multiple brightly colored easter eggs

Summary: Candy Egg Toss is a game of skill where you have to toss the egg into hula hoops.

Ages: From 4 to 16

Recommended Number of Players:
Between 3 and 10

Either 3 or 6 hula hoops
5 candy eggs

Set Up:
Put three hula hoops on the ground in a triangle pattern. If you have six hoops, you can place them in a pyramid pattern.

How to Play:

Tell the players the point value for each hoop. The one farthest away is worth the most points. Give each participant five candy eggs to throw from behind a designated line. Each time a player throws a piece of candy which lands in a hoop, he or she gets that point value. If players are old enough to keep a running total of their points, the game can go for several rounds. Younger players can be allowed to stand closer to the hoops to make their tosses.

The player with the most points wins.

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