Mad Scientist

Summary: Mad Scientist is a Halloween game where the players feel old "body parts" and try to guess what the real contents of the box is.

Ages: From 10 to adult

Recommended Number of Players: Between 3 and 25

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Items Needed for the Body Parts:
Brain: Head of cauliflower with mashed tomatoes smeared on top
Eyes: Two frozen peeled grapes
Heart: A lump of uncooked liver
Hair: A handful of corn silk
Blood: Ketchup thinned with warm water
Hand: A cold plastic glove filled with red gelatin
Ear: A dried apricot
Nose: A pickle or hot dog
Worms: Wet spaghetti

Additional Equipment Needed:
Bowls or plates to put each body part on
One box for each body part to hide under
Candles if you are playing with adults

Set Up:
Line the “body parts” up on a table or counter and cover each with an upside down cardboard box with a hole cut out of the bottom. Write the name of the “body part” on the outside of the box, like “eyes,” “brains,” etc.

The trick to the game is to keep the lights low so guests can’t see what the real contents of the boxes are. If you playing with adults, you can use candles to add to the ambience.

How to Play:
Tell the players that they are in the secret lab of a mad scientist. He is almost ready to assemble his "creation." The old dead body parts from other people that he will use to make his own creature are here on the table.

To make the game a tad bit scarier, say these next words while pointing to the appropriate box. Use your "mad scientist" voice.

*Here is his brain, which now feels no pain.
*Here are his eyes, still frozen with surprise.
*Here is his heart. Be careful lest it start!
*Now we have his hair, which once was so fair!
*Feel these drops of his blood. All the rest turned to mud.
*One hand all alone, just rotting flesh and bone.
*Now touch his ear. He nevermore will hear!
*This is his nose. T'will never smell a rose.
* These worms are all that's left to feel. For them, this body was a lovely meal!

Each player must then put their hand into the hole of each box and feel the “body part.” On a piece of paper, have them write down what are the true items in the boxes.

The player who accurately guesses the true items of the body parts wins the game.

If you like this one, read the rules to Body Parts Porridge. Very similar games with a enough of a difference that you will have to choose between the two.

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