Body Parts Porridge

Summary: Body Parts Porridge is a recipe for fun. It is a game that makes the guests feel what is in the porridge and guess what body part it represents.

Ages: From 12 to Adult

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
4 to 5 players per team, with at least 2 teams

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Witch Cauldron Cooler Each

A water proof witches cauldron for each team

(See the Witches Cauldron lsited above for one of the best cauldrons. Not only is this fun to use, it makes a great decoration as well as a cooler when the game is over.)

Food representing body parts in each cauldron (ideas below)
A blindfold for every player except the scribe
Pen and paper for each scribe

Set Up:
Put all the food items in the cauldrons

How to Play:
Explain to the players that you have discovered a secret porridge recipe from a witch. Anyone who eats some of the porridge is immedieatly under her spell. The only way to break the spell is by guessing what all the ingredients in the porridge are without seeing them. The players are then enlisted to help guess all the ingredients. Each team must first choose a scribe who will write down the "recipe" (ingredients as guessed).

All other players are then blindfolded. Each player then takes a body part from the cauldron. They have to guess which body part they are holding and the scribe begins to write the recipe.

The team that guesses the most ingredients correctly wins the game.

Suggested Porridge Recipe


Brain (cauliflower)
Two Eyeballs (frozen grapes in a baggie)
Blood Vessels (long thin licorice)
Intestines (link sausage)
Heart (Jell-o in a baggie)
Lips (candy wax lips)
Fingernail (sliced almond)
Hair (a handful of corn silk)
Ear (a dried apricot)
Pinky Finger (sweet pickle)

See the Mad Scientist game. Similar rules, but with enough differences that this may be the right one for you.

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