Halloween Scene

Summary: Halloween Scene is a competition to see who can create the scariest scene using props.

Ages: From 16 to Adult

Recommended Number of Players:
Two or more teams with 4 to 5 players each

One skeleton or mannequin per team
A box full of assorted items such as old clothes, plastic skeletons, mannequins, body parts, Halloween make-up, fake blood, fake knives, fake hatchets, anything that you can think of that will be handy for this game. Be creative!

One of the best skeletons I found to make this game really found can be found at CelebrateExpress.com. Here is the link:

Halloween Inflatable Skeleton
Halloween Inflatable Skeleton

Includes (1) inflatable skeleton. Plastic; 72"" high. Ages 5+.

Set Up:
Create two piles of props in different areas that have enough room to create and build a halloween scene.

How to Play:
Set a time limit and let each team get creative in building the scariest scene they can imagine.

The Host will determine the winner.

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