Candy Bar Connection

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Summary: Candy Bar Connection is a guessing game where clues are given about different candy bar names.

Ages: From 12 to Adult

Recommended Number of Players:  From 5 to 15

Equipment: One each of several candy bars from the suggested list below.

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Set Up:
No prior set-up required


The player who correctly identifies the most candy bar names wins the game. I like to give the candy bar to the person who guessed it's name.

Suggested Candy Bars with Definitions

These are only suggestions. You can make the clues as hard or as easy as you want. If you can't find a candy bar on this list in your region, substitute another popular one for your area.

• Almond Joy - Happy nut
• Baby Ruth – Infant’s name
• Big Hunk - Large, handsome male
• Bit-O-Honey - Tiny amount of sugar
• Black Cow - Ebony Bovine
• Butterfinger - Drops things easily
• Chunky - Chubby
• Crunch - Chew noisy
• Clark Bar - Superman
• Dots - Spots
• Dove Bar - Bird
• Goobers - Goofy person
• Good & Plenty -A lot of the best
• Hot Tamales - Spicy mexican food
• Jolly Rancher - Cheerful farmer
• Junior Mints - Younger flavor
• Lemonhead - Sour skull
• Lifesaver – One who preserves existence
• Look - See

•Milk Duds - Bad cow drink
•Milky Way - A group of stars 
• Mounds - Hills 
• Nibs – A sharp point or tip 
• Oh Henry - A famous author 
• 100 Grand – A large amount of money
• Pop Rocks - Exploding Stones 
• Red Hots – Extremely warm color 
• Rocky Road - Uneven ground 
• Runts – Smallest of the bunch 
• Skor – What you need most to win a game 
• Snickers - Giggles 
• Sugar Babies - Sweet Infants 
• Sugar Daddy - Older man with money 
• Swedish Fish - Scandinavian Aquatic Animal 
• 3 Musketeers - Famous 1800's trio 
• Whoppers - Telling big stories 
• Zero - Nothing 

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