Champion Sock Wrestling

Summary: Champion Sock Wrestling is a game where you must remove one of your opponents socks before he removes yours.

Ages: From 8 to 18

Recommended Number of Players:
2 players per round

Each player must be wearing both socks.

Set Up:
No prior set up required

How to Play:
Two players, wearing only socks, kneel on the floor facing each other. When the Host yells "Go", the players wrestle to see who can remove their opponents sock first. The sock must be completely off the foot for a win.

For more players, have a tournament.

The winner is the first player to remove his opponents sock.

For extra fun, take this game outside. Get a tarp and cover it in Jell-o or Pudding. Then let the wrestling begin!

Championship Winner!

Imagine how much fun it would be to give this belt away as the Grand Prize! I wish I had known where to buy one of these the night my daughter played this game with her friends. They had such a fun time, I am still hearing them talk aobut it a few months later.

World Wrestling Champ Belt (1)

World Wrestling Champ Belt (1)

Includes (1) wrestling champ belt. Foil; 22" Waist. Child-sized. $1.99

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