Super Bowl Winners

Summary: Super Bowl Winners is a trivia game to test your winning team knowledge.

Ages: From 14 and up

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Unlimited

Print one Super Bowl Winners game sheet per player - password needed
Page 2 of the game is the ANSWER KEY and you need only print one
A pen or pencil for each player

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Set Up:
No prior set up required

How to Play:
Give each player a game sheet. They must correctly circle the winner of each Super Bowl, one for every year.

The winner will have circled the most correct answers. You could also award bonus points if they knew the score as well.

Quick Peek at the Final Scores

I Kansas City Chiefs 10 vs. Green Bay Packers 35

II Oakland Raiders 14 vs. Green Bay Packers 33

III New York Jets 16 vs. Baltimore Colts 7

IV Kansas City Chiefs 23 vs. Minnesota Vikings 7

V Baltimore Colts 16 vs. Dallas Cowboys 13

VI Miami Dolphins 3 vs. Dallas Cowboys 24

VII Miami Dolphins 14 vs. Washington Redskins 7

VIII Miami Dolphins 24 vs. Minnesota Vikings 7

IX Pittsburgh Steelers 16 vs. Minnesota Vikings 6

X Pittsburgh Steelers 21 vs. Dallas Cowboys 17

XI Oakland Raiders 32 vs. Minnesota Vikings 14

XII Denver Broncos 10 vs. Dallas Cowboys 27

XIII Pittsburgh Steelers 35 vs. Dallas Cowboys 31

XIV Pittsburgh Steelers 31 vs. Los Angeles Rams 19

XV Oakland Raiders 27 vs. Philadelphia Eagles 10

XVI Cincinnati Bengals 21 vs. San Francisco 49ers 26

XVII Miami Dolphins 17 vs. Washington Redskins 27

XVIII Los Angeles Raiders 38 vs. Washington Redskins 9

XIX Miami Dolphins 16 vs. San Francisco 49ers 38

XX New England Patriots 10 vs. Chicago Bears 46

XXI Denver Broncos 20 vs. New York Giants 39

XXII Denver Broncos 10 vs. Washington Redskins 42

XXIII Cincinnati Bengals 16 vs. San Francisco 49ers 20

XXIV Denver Broncos 10 vs. San Francisco 49ers 55

XXV Buffalo Bills 19 vs. New York Giants 20

XXVI Buffalo Bills 24 vs. Washington Redskins 37

XXVII Buffalo Bills 17 vs. Dallas Cowboys 52

XXVIII Buffalo Bills 13 vs. Dallas Cowboys 30

XXIX San Diego Chargers 26 vs. San Francisco 49ers 49

XXX Pittsburgh Steelers 17 vs. Dallas Cowboys 27

XXXI New England Patriots 21 vs. Green Bay Packers 35

XXXII Denver Broncos 31 vs. Green Bay Packers 24

XXXIII Denver Broncos 34 vs. Atlanta Falcons 19

XXXIV Tennessee Titans 16 vs. St. Louis Rams 23

XXXV Baltimore Ravens 34 vs. New York Giants 7

XXXVI New England Patriots 20 vs. St Louis Rams 17

XXXVII Oakland Raiders 21 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48

XXXVIII New England Patriots 32 vs. Carolina Panthers 29

XXXIX New England Patriots 24 vs. Philadelphia Eagles 21

XL Pittsburgh Steelers 21 vs. Seattle Seahawks 10

XLI Indianapolis Colts 29 vs. Chicago Bears 17

XLII New England Patriots 14 vs. New York Giants 17

XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers 27 vs. Arizona Cardinals 17 

XLIV New Orleans Saints 31 vs. Indianapolis Colts 17

XLV Pittsburgh Steelers 25 vs. Green Bay Packers 31

XLVI New York Giants 21  vs. New England Patriots 17

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