Lets Make a Deal

Who watched Lets Make a Deal as a kid? I did! I was always trying to tell the guest player which door to pick. I like to think I was more right than wrong. Here is a way you can play this old time popular game show at home. Getting the prizes for the game is half the fun.

Summary: This is a game of mystery and trade.

Ages: From 7 to 17

Recommended Number of Players:
Between 3 and 10

Three boxes, all the same size
Prizes that fits in each box
Incentive prizes

Set Up:
1) Write on one box, "Door #1", the next box "Door #2" and the last box "Door #3."

2)While choosing the prizes, make sure you get three grades of quality. Get enough REALLY COOL stuff that all your guests could have one if they choose the right Door. Have some pretty fun prizes and also some booby prizes, called Zonks, for the other Doors. Make sure what you purchase will fit inside the boxes.

3) Place one prize of each type under the boxes without anyone seeing. You do not have to put the REALLY COOL prize in Door #1 because you don't want your guests to figure out a pattern.

How to Play:
The first contestant chooses a Door and the prize inside that box is revealed. The contestant can then keep that prize or be given the choice to choose another Door. Offer incentives, like candy, money, etc. to see if they will keep the first prize chosen. They may keep either the first prize AND incentives or choose another Door. If they choose another Door, the contestant gets to keep the prize inside that box and no other incentives.

Everyone who plays wins something at this game

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