What Can You Remember

What Can You Remember is a very versatile game. You can change the items on the tray to match any season or any reason. Popular seasons to play are Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, Easter and Thanksgiving. Popular reasons to play are at Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, and Slumber Parties.

Summary: This game is where the players have a limited time to remember all the items on a tray.

Ages: From 8 to adult

Recommended Number of Players:
Between 5 to 35

A cookie sheet or tray
20 to 25 small objects that match the season or theme of the party
A cloth that will cover the tray
Paper and pencil for each player

Set Up:
Place all the items on the tray and cover with a cloth to begin.

How to Play:
Have the players sit in a circle where they can all see the tray. Remove the cloth for 60 seconds, then replace it. The players may now begin to write down everything they remember on the tray.

The player who remembered the most items wins.

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