Spa Relay Race

Summary: Spa Relay Race is a game where you race to see who can change clothes the fastest.

Ages: From 8 to 16

Recommended Number of Players: Between 4 and 16 players, two teams

Two bathrobes
Two bath-size towels
Two pairs of slippers
Masking tape

Set Up:
Using the tape, mark a staring line of 10’-15’ on the floor where you’ll be playing. Make a goal line about 20 feet from the starting line. Make the goal line 10’-15’ as well. Put a pair of slippers, a towel and a bathrobe at each end of the starting line.

How to Play:
Line the teams up at each end of the start line, single file. Everyone should remove their shoes. When the hostess yells ‘GO!’, each team’s first player runs to the other end of the line, puts on the robe and slippers, and wraps her head in a towel. She then runs back to her teammates, and removes everything and hands them to the next girl on the team, who puts it all on, runs to the other side, comes back, and passes the things to the next girl. Keep going until one team gets all their players to the goal line and back.

Whichever team finishes first is the winner.

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