Ice Cream Sundae

Summary: Ice Cream Sundae is a game where you build a real sundae by chance.

Ages: From 5 to adult

Recommended Number of Players: From 4 to 15

One die
A bowl of ice cream for each player
As many ice cream toppings as you like. My favorites are hot fudge, carmel, whipped cream, bananas, nuts, cherries, sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummie bears, etc.

Set Up:
Put all the ice cream toppings on a single table.

How to Play:
Set a timer for 5 minutes. Take turns rolling the die. Who ever rolled the die has to do the following action based on the number rolled. Here is what you do when you roll a certain number on the die:

1 - Put a cherry on top
2 - Add some chocolate
3 - All players pass their bowl to the left
4 - Pick the Sundae you want and trade with that player
5 - Put whipped cream on top
6 - Add one topping of your choice

When the timer goes off, each player gets to eat the ice cream sundae in front of them.


Play with two dice. Every time a player rolls, they must do the action of the lowest number first, than the highest roll. In the event that doubles are rolled, the player may choose to do the same action twice or no action at all.

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