Two Heads are Better than One

Summary: Try to pick up as many items without letting your balloon touch the ground

Ages: 8 and up

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
two players to a team, 2 or more teams

Items such as rocks, potatoes, coins, cups. other balloons, etc. inflated up balloons

Set Up:
Place items at random around the room.

How to Play:
The players put a balloon between their foreheads. The play area is strewn with various items the teams up must pick up. A timer is set and the teams try to collect the most items withouth their balloon falling. if the balloon should fall, the team smust put all the items back on the ground, place the balloon on foreheads again, and then they may pick up the items once more. If a team member touches the balloon with their hand, all items must be placed on the ground again.

First team to collect the most items without letting their balloon fall.

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