Bearded Relay

At Christmas Time, this is also known as Santa's Beard Relay

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Summary: The Bearded Relay is a game where you try to be the one who "acquires" the largest beard.

Ages: 5 to 18

Recommended Number of Players: 5 to 8 per team

Large jar of Vaseline
Popsicle sticks
Bag of Cotton Balls per team
One bowl per team
Wet wipes

Set Up:
Have each player spread Vaseline on their faces in the area where a beard would be. Use the popsicle sticks to apply. Put a bowl of cotton balls for each team at one end of the room or playing field.

How to Play:

To start the race, have the first player from each group run to their teams bowl of cotton balls and with their hands behind their back, dunk their faces into the bowl.  They must then run back to the end of their teams line.  No one may use their hands to either place cotton balls on their face or to catch them if they are falling off. 

Keep playing until every team member has had a chance to create their beard.  The team that finishes first gets 5 points. The rest of the points are determined by counting the cottons balls that have remained on each face until the end of the round. Each cotton ball in the beard counts as one point. Record the score.

Give each player a wet wipe to use after the round is over. 

The winning team is the team with the most points.

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