Dress Up the Guest of Honor

AKA: Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Summary: A girls game that involves creating a unique outfit using unusual items.

Ages: From 16 and up

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: 2 to 10 players

If being played at a Bridal Shower, use the Bride and some Bridemaids as the models and have a team competition.

6 plus rolls of toilet paper
Optional: 1 roll of clear plastic food wrap
Optional: 2 rolls of aluminum foil

Set Up:
No prior set-up required

How to Play:
Have the Guest of Honor stand in the middle of the other players. The players get to then start making an outfit on the Guest of Honor with the toilet paper. The more creative the better!


1) You could also use plastic wrap and/or aluminum foil as well as the toilet paper.

Check out this video of some pretty fabulous wedding dresses made from just toilet paper!

2009 Contest Is All About The Toilet Paper

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