Zero Cost Scavenger Hunt

Summary: Zero Cost Scavenger Hunt is played in and around your city or town.

Ages: From 14 and up

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Unlimited players as long as the teams are fairly even numbered.

One pillow case or backpack per team to carry items.

Set Up:
Print out one Item List per team

1. No money can be spent for any of the items on the Zero Cost Scavenger Hunt list.
2. No laws may be broken while collecting the items.
3. Teams must return to home base within a specified amount of time.
4. Each item collected recieves the point values as indicated.

How to Play:
Each team has a certain amount of time to collect all the items on the list. When each team returns, verify the items collected and tally the points.

If your town has a really great main street where the bulk of the business' are within walking distance, you can use this game for pre-teens or teenagers who still do not drive.

If some of the items could not be collected within a reasonable walking distance, than simply delete the item and add a few more to replace them. It's easy. Just mentally walk around your town and see what other items could be collected without spending money.

The Around Town Scavenger Hunt can also be customized to fit your town specifically. Just add the name of the coffee shop to get the cup or the name of the realty office where you want the team to get the business card. This added touch will make your game really shine in the eyes of your guests.

Winner: The team with the greatest amount of points wins.

Possible Item List with Points

coffee cup with store logo (5 pts)

extra points if the cup has an employee's signature (2 pts)

gas receipt for exactly $1.00 (10 pts)

the team with a grocery receipt for the smallest amount (10 pts)

bookmark from the library (5 pts)

a restaurant "to go" menu (5 pts)

empty cardboard pizza box (5 pts)

a Realtors business card (5 pts)

extra points if it has the Realtors signature (2 pts)

pen with a printed logto (5 pts)

ketchup packet (5 pts)

postage stamp (5 pts)

extra points for an unused stamp (2 pts)

article from today's newspaper (5 pts)

bank slip or deposit envelope (5 pts)

change of address form (5 pts)

napkin with a printed logo (5 pts)

a red drinking straw (5 pts)

something with the city logo printed on it (5 pts)

a pencil etching of a gravestone of a person who died more than 100 years ago (5 pts)

a coin dated with a team members birth year (5 pts)

the team with the largest leaf (10 pts)

something pink (5 pts)

extra points if the pink item is used to support the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (5 pts)

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