First One Back to Your Chair

Summary: A game where the players reveal things about themselves while trying to make around a circle of chairs

chairs in a circle

Ages: From 6 and up

Recommended Number of Players:
Between 8 to 20

One less chair than you have players

Set Up:
Gather the chairs into a circle

How to Play:
Each player sits in a chair except one player who stands in the middle. The player in the middle makes a statement that begins with the word "If." For instance, "If you have blue eyes, you can move." Anyone with blue eyes can then move one chair to their right. If the chair is empty, great. But if the chair is still occupied, the player must sit on the other players lap.

During the next round, if the player on top of the laps can move, then the player moves off the lap and into the chair on the right. If someone underneath the player can move, but the person on top can't, then all players stay in the chair.

Some sample questions might be: "If you have a crush on a boy right now, you can move." "If you have traveled outside the country, you can move." "If you have painted toenails, you can move." "If you hate peas, you can move."

The first player who makes it back to their original seat wins the game and gets to be the middle person for the next round.

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