Chin Up!

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Tie-Not Water Balloon Pkg

Summary: Race around an object with a water balloon under your chin and pass it to the next teammate.

Ages: 8 and up

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
at least 4 players per team

Water balloons, Large object to run around

Set Up:
Place the large object about 10 or more feet away from the starting line.

How to Play:
Each member of the team must put a water balloon under their chin and run around the object and back the starting line. The player then passes the water balloon to the next player in line without using their hands. If the balloon breaks at any time, the player must begin again at the starting line with a new balloon. If the balloon falls, but does not break, the player may pick it up with their chin, and begin from that place forward.

The team that has all members cross the finish line first.

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