Streamer Tag

Summary: Streamer Tag makes use of ribbon while playing tag in the pool.

Ages: From 6 to 16

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
Usually 3 to 8, but can be played by everyone who fits comfortably in the pool.

Each player needs a length of ribbon about 12" long

1. No ribbons can be tied to anything. They must remain loose enough to grab.

2. No players may leave the water while playing.

How to Play:
1. All the players take one ribblon in their left hand, except the player who is doing the chasing, called "It."

2. The player who is "It" swims after the other players in pursuit of capturing their ribbon.

3. When "It" has taken a ribbon from a player, then that player is now "It" and persues the others.

This is not a competitive game.

1. Try holding the ribbon in a different hand, or between your toes, or under your arm.

2. Have "It" capture all the ribons before it is the end of their turn chasing the players.

3. Have a time limit of how long one player can be "It" and see who can capture the most ribbons in that amount of time.

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