Balloon Miniature Golf

Summary: A Balloon Game played like Miniature Golf

Ages: 10 and up

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
2 to 6 players

Large and small balloons (1 of each for every player), Paper plate, obstacles

Set Up:
Place obstacle items around the space you are using, and set the paper plate (the "hole) at the end.

How to Play:
Each player receives a realy large, uninflated balloon to use as the "club" and a small inflated balloon to used as the "ball". Each player must blow up their large balloon, without tieing a knot, aim the air at the small balloon and guide it through from the "tee onto the "green", using only the air that is emited from the large balloon. The small balloon must land on and stay in the "hole" for the turn to end. Each balloon is worth one stroke. (make 9 to 18 holes, whichever suits your party needs).

The winner is decided by whoever has the least amount of strokes, like in real miniature golf.

You can use any other light object as the golf ball. Such items could include ping pong balls, cotton balls, or a wadded up peice of paper.

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