Simple Photo Scavenger Hunt

Summary: The Simple Photo Scavenger Hunt is where the team members take photos of specific items from a list to earn points.

Ages: 14 and older

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
Unlimited Number of Players
Unlimited Number of Teams
Teams typically consist of only 5-7 players

Each team will need a car and driver if creating a photo list outside your neighborhood
Each team needs a camera
Each team needs a copy of the Rules
Each team needs an envelope for each driver (if applicable)
Print a list of the items available to photogrpah with the point value indicated by each item

Rules for Simple Photo Scavenger Hunt:
1. No laws may be broken while taking the photographs.

2. The team driver (if applicable) must put his/her driver's license in a sealed envelope before the team leaves home base. The envelope is placed in the glove compartment of the vehicle. If the envelope is open when the team returns, the team is disqualified. Essentially, if the driver gets pulled over for a traffic violation, then the envelope would necessarily have to be opened.

3. Each team must take a picture of as many items from the Scavenger Hunt List as possible.

4. Each photo must contain at least one member of the team with the item listed.

5. Teams must return to home base within the time limit.

How to Play:
1. Each team gets in their vehicle (if applicable). The driver seals his/her license in an envelope.

2. The team may go to any place where they might find the items. The team then takes a picture of the item with at least one team member in the photo as well.

3. Be sure to watch the clock as every team needs to return to home base at a specific time.

Decide how many points each item is worth. This should be based on the ease of getting the picture. For instance, if the airport is in the next town over, it should be worth more points because of time and distance.

The team with the most points at the end of the scavenger hunt wins.

Sample Item List for
Simple Photo Scavenger Hunt:

Coin with the birth year of a team member

The logo of your City

Police Car, Lights on for extra points

T-Shirt with Funny Slogan or Image

A blonde, redhead and brunette together

Team member standing on a bridge

Historical Landmark

A family with four or more kids

Person in uniform

Dog near fire hydrant

Pink bowling ball

0.83 cents

tattoo with words

lipstick kiss on forehead

Pumping gas

Licking a postage stamp

Reading a book in the library/bookstore

Animal in a tree

Airplane on the runway

Tile or brick with words etched in permanently

Baby in a stroller


Person on a swing

Restaurant menu

Harley Davidson motorcycle

Already chewed gum stuck to the sidewalk

Car getting the oil changed

25 MPH speed limit sign

Grey haired women playing cards

Burning candle

A shoe with a hole in the bottom

Handful of sand

Someone blowing up a balloon

Red roses

Stuffed teddy bear

Dead animal

A pine cone larger than the palm of your hand

Something purple

Political bumper sticker

Personalized license plate

Bartender serving drinks

Someone wearing a name tag or badge

Realtors business card

Home for Sale

Team member spread against the side of a police car

Two team members sitting in a tree

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