Blob Tag

Summary: Blob Tag is where "IT" grows and can then split.

Ages: Kids of all ages

Recommended Number of Players:
The more the merrier is the motto of tag.

No equipment necessary

Set Up:
No prior set-up required

Basic Definition of "IT":
When discussing "IT" while playing most forms of tag, "IT" refers to the player who must do the chasing, tagging and/or catching.

Basic Definition of "Tag" or "Catch":
When "IT" touches another player in the manner specified by the variation of the game, that player is then considered "Tagged" or "Caught" and must act in accordance with this variation of basic Tag.

How to Play:
"IT" starts the fame as a regular game of tag. The first person "IT" catches must then join hands with "IT" to create a large blob. Once the blob ahs 6 people, ti can split into groups of three only. Splitting can occur again and again in groups of three.

The person left without being tagged is "IT" when the game starts again.

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