There's No Place Like Home

This home scavenger hunt is fun because the items are hidden around the home in a room or place they DO NOT BELONG. Have the kids find as many of these items as possible They may work in teams or individually. The number of items you hide depends on the amount of children playing the game. The list below will give you a good start.

Ages: Children from 5 to 12

1. Create your list of items using the suggestions you will find at the bottom of this page

2. Hide the items around the house in places or rooms that they don't belong

3. Hide only ONE of each item on the list

4. Hide one of the items EXTRA well in case of a tie

Equipment Needed:
A list of the hidden items
Each team or individual will need a pillow case

1. The participants have a time limit of 20 minutes.

2. Inform them which rooms are LEGAL (hidden items are here) and which rooms are OFF IMITS (nothing is hidden in these rooms). Feel free to use the garage as a room. You could even use the front porch, backyard or the deck in nice weather.

3. Tell the participants there is ONE hidden especially well and if they find that item, they get extra credit.

4. The participants must come back to the starting point once the time has run out.

The winner is the team/person with the most items. If there is a tie, the team/person who found the one item hidden EXTRA well is now the winner.

Suggested List:
Think of each item in this manner...Hide a can of soda somewhere other than the kitchen, maybe under the piano. Hide a dictionary in the pantry, etc.

can of soda


family photo album

spare change

remote control

couch pillow


bar of soup



can of soup

video game

board game

box of tissue


plastic trash liner

sheet music

partable cd player

pair of shoes



matches or lighter

pair of scissors

tea cup

dvd case

stain remover

dryer sheet


spool of yarn

address book

duct tape


lunch sack

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Some Other Ideas for Hidden Items Not rated yet
Rubber ducks, plastic animal, bracelet, Easter egg, scarf, dollar coins, candies, erasers, dice, pack of cards/gum, rings, colorful feathers, calculator, …

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