A Shoe In

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Summary: A Shoe In is a great get to know you game that involves removing your shoes.

Ages: From 10 and up

Recommended Number of Players:
Between 5 and 15, more if you have the time to play

Everyone needs the pair of shoes they arrived in.

Set Up:
No prior set-up required.

How to Play:
Everybody takes off one shoe and throws them in a large pile. On the count of three, each player grabs someone else's shoe from the pile. Then each player must find the person with the matching shoe on their other foot. Each player must find out their name and three things about them they didn’t already know. This get to know you game works best with larger groups.

After everyone has found their person and asked them the questions, then go around the circle and have everyone introduce the person they talked to and tell the three things about them. Then they can have their shoe back once they have been introduced.


Make it a competive game. Offer a prize for the person who can remember the most first names of the people in the room after the introductions.

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