Baby Sock Rose Game

Summary: A game where you compete to make the best baby sock rose at a baby shower.

Ages: From 12 to Adult

Recommended Number of Players:
4 or more

One sock for each player
One length of green floral tape for each player
Two lengths of floral wire for each player
Instruction sheet for each player

Set Up:
Make a centerpiece ahead of time to show as examples of the finished product.

Each player has 5 minutes to make the best looking sock rose as possible.

How to Make a Baby Sock Rose:
Step 1 - With the toe towards you, left lay a baby sock in front of you.

Step 2 - Place the two wires on the top of the toe.

Step 3 - Start rolling from the toe, holding the wire inside the rolled part as you go. End the roll at the open end of the sock.

Step 4 - Holding tightly to the middle of the sock so that you still have the wire inside, use the green floral tape to secure the end of the sock to the wire.

Step 5 - Continue rolling the wire with the floral tape to the end.

Let the mother of the newborn judge the socks and declare a winner.

Then use the socks in a vase as a centerpiece for the rest of the party. If you would like more instructions on how to make the centerpiece, I have a link posted on my Baby Shower Decorations page.

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