Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Shower Diaper Cake

If you plan on making a diaper cake as part of your baby shower decorations, I suggest doing it a couple days ahead. You won't feel as rushed as you would if you started the morning of the event.

My favorite video on learning how to make the Diaper Cake is located on YouTube. The insturctions are clear and the product is simple enough for beginners to create.


If you simply don't have the time to make one of your own, my favorite place to purchase them are at

Amazing Diaper Cakes.

Whether you make it yourself, or purcahse one, they are spectacular shower decorations and a practical gift as well.

Baby Sock Rose Centerpiece

Next to your diaper cake, you may want to have the Baby Sock Rose Centerpiece. You can make them in all colors of socks. The centerpiece looks like a vase full of rose buds on first glance, but then your guests will be delighted to see they are really baby socks.

The best instruction video for making the socks is just a click away...

Baby Sock Rose Centerpiece Instructions

If you are following the decoration plan as outlined in this Complete Baby Shower Party Plan, then you will have the diaper cake prominently displayed next to the bouget of baby sock rose buds, with a really cute clothesline full of guests contributions.

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