Oven Mitt Unwrap

Happy man unwrapping a gift while wearing oven mitts.

Summary: Oven Mitt Unwrap is a game where you have to unwrap the gift/prize using oven mitts.

Ages: From 10 and older

Recommended Number of Players: Unlimited

Two oven mitts, one wrapped gift, two dice

Set Up:
Wrap the gift with as much tape as you wish.  The more tape you use, the harder it is to unwrap and the longer it takes to play the game.

How to Play:

Have the participants sit in a circle.  Hand the two dice to one of the players.  Hand the oven mitts and wrapped gift to the player on the right of the player who has the dice.  The game begins when the player with the dice starts rolling.  The player with the gift must put the oven mitts on and then try to open the gift.  As soon as the player with the dice rolls a double, then they pass the dice to their left and take the gift and oven mitts from the player on their right.  This new player tries to open the gift before the player with the dice rolls a double.  Play continues until someone with the mitts on actually opens/unwraps the gift completely. 

As the host of the game, you may suggest further rules such as:  
ONLY the mitts can touch the gift, which means you can not use your teeth or feet or anything else.
You may not POUND or HIT the gift with force.

The player that opens the gift fully ... wins the game and keeps the gift as a prize.

Use this game at Christmas as a fun gift exchange.

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Christmas oven mitt game  
Put the most expensive gift in the middle, then wrap it and tape it. Add another gift to the outside of the first and tape it as well. Keep adding gifts …

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