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Summary: What's New involves finding hidden objects on each player.

Ages: From 12 to adult

Recommended Number of Players: 10 to 40

Paper or index cards with items to be found
Small objects that can be hidden on guests
Transparent tape or safety pins to attach items

Sample List of Objects:
jingle bell; key; rose; button; clothespin; colored bead; diaper pin; Boy Scout badge; clothes label; pipe cleaner; holly berries; miniature plastic dinosaur; small toy car; miniature cowboy boot; feather.

Set Up:
As guests arrive, the leader calls them individually to another room, where a small object is pinned or taped to their person. The objects should be in a place where they are visible, yet difficult to see right away. Hide items on socks, almost under collars, on cuffs of pants, in patterned fabric, at belt buckles, or in hair.

How to Play:
Everyone is given a list of the objects to be found and instructed to search for them among the guests. This is fun because it gets people moving around and looking at each other. When they find an object from the list, have them write down on which player they found it.

First player to find all the objects, or at least the most objects within a time limit wins.

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