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Summary: Be Mine Bingo is a game using conversation candy hearts as part of the traditional bingo board.

Ages: From 5 to Adult

Recommended Number of Players: Unlimited

1. One Blank Bingo Card for each player - Use the one provided if you want or create one of your own.

2. One box of conversation candy hearts with messages on them per player, or a bag of hearts, enough so that every player can have enough to cover the bingo card.

3. Small paper squares

4. A few prizes

Set Up:
1. Create a bingo card that has at least three columns of three squares for a total of nine, or just use the Blank Bingo Card provided here. It would be fun to decorate the master bingo card and then photo copy them so they match the Valentine theme.

2. Write each conversation heart message that appears on the candy hearts on a seperate small square of paper. For instance, using the picture below, you will find messages that say Hug Me, Love You, Real Love and All Mine. Your box of hearts will surely have more than just these. Put the slips in a bowl or basket. 

How to Play:
Pass out the Valentine Bingo cards and one box of hearts to each player. Pick the conversation messges one by one from the bowl and call out the message. If a player has a heart with that message in their box, he or she then puts it on one of the empty squares.

Winner: The first player to have the Valentine Bingo card completely covered, wins.

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