Graveyard Scavenger Hunt

Summary: Graveyard Scavenger Hunt is a game played in a graveyard where your team tries to take pictures of all the items on the scavenger hunt list.

Ages: From 14 to Adult

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
Best played with 5 to 6 players on a team, at least two teams

List of items to find
A camera

Set Up:
No prior set-up required

How to Play:
Start at the entrance to a graveyard. Give the teams a time limit and send them out into the graveyard. They must photograph everything they can find on the list.

You may want to to over some basic graveyard ettiquette before the teams begin.

• Do not disturb anyone visiting someone's grave.
• Do not remove or move any flowers placed on someone's grave.
• No grave rubbings, as this can damage the markers and prevent future visitors from reading them. Grave rubbing is done when someone lays a piece of paper over the lettering and rubs with a pencil, crayon, etc.

Each photo is worth one point for everything in the first three sections of the Graveyard Scavenger Hunt list. The last section of the list is a competition to earn the point. One point for only the team with the "most correct" answer. There can be a tie between teams where each team is awarded the point for the same "best" answer. The first team to come back to the starting line gets 5 extra points. For each minute late that a team arrives back to the start, one point is deducted from their total score.

The team that has collected the most points wins.

Sample List of Graveyard Items

Grave markers often have pictures on them. Find markers with each of the following:



__________Cross and crown







__________Praying child

__________Star of David

__________Teddy Bear

Grave markers come in various shapes and styles. Find grave markers that are shaped as follows:

__________Cross Headstone

__________Double headstone with 2 vases

__________Double heart monument

__________Garden memorial boulder

__________Headstone with vase

__________Memorial bench

__________Memorial tree stump


Grave markers sometimes tell more than just the person's name and age. Find markers with each of the following:

__________Beloved husband and father

__________Beloved wife and mother

__________Forever in our hearts

__________In memory of

__________Our loving parents

__________Rest in peace

__________Sleeping with the angels

Grave markers, tombstones, or mausoleums that have the following:

__________Earliest birthday you can find

__________Oldest tombstone you can find

__________Same birthday as a team member

__________Shortest life span you can find

__________Longest life span you can find

__________Longest last name you can find

__________"Saint" appears on it

__________Shortest last name you can find

__________Someone from another country

__________Someone who served in military you can find

__________Photos of as many different mausoleums as you can find

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