Rainbow of Fun

Summary: Rainbow of Fun is a group game where the players get to know each other better by using bright colored candy and questions.

Ages: From 5 and up

Recommended Number of Players: Between 4 and 20, more if you have the time for everyone to answer the questions

Colored candies: some of the popular candies are M&M's, Skittles, Mike and Ikes, Jelly Bellies or my favorite are Rainbow Drops.

Set Up:
Pour the candies in a bowl and set in the middle of a table.

How to Play:
Have everyone in the room grab as much or as little candies as they like from the bowl. Tell them they can not eat their candy right away. For each piece of colored candy they took, they will have to answer a question, depending on its color. For example, you can designate:

• Red candy: favorite hobbies
• Green candy: favorite foods
• Yellow candy: favorite movies
• Orange candy: favorite places to travel
• Brown candy: most memorable or embarrassing moments
• Blue candy: wild cards (answer a question from any other player)

Be creative and choose any questions you think would be fitting for your group. The host will then call out the color topic and everyone will go around the room sharing one answer per colored candy. For instance, if you chose two red pieces of candy, you will have to name two of your favorite hobbies. After the player has shared that color with the group, they may then eat their candy of that color only. Continue to go around the room until each color topic has been shared.


For the question category, blue candy in this example, use the Get to Know You Questionspage. Print the page and number the questions. Let the player answering the questions choose what number question they want to answer. If some of the questions are not age appropriate, then simply do not number that question.

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