Get to Know You Questions
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Get to Know You Questions are the basis for most get to know you games. They are designed to get better acquainted with the people at your party, office, family reunions, etc. Some questions are simple. Some are thought provoking. If you are in the right crowd, you could even ask a little deeper questions. You have to gauge the circumstances of the event and the ages of the people on your guest list.

There are several get to know you questions on this page to choose from. Use them while playing some of the games you will find at our Get to Know You Games section.

Also great used with many of our Ice Breaker Games.

This list should help you get started writing your own unique, funny, witty, silly, embarassing, spicy and entertaining get to know you questions.

Start with These Get to Know You Questions

Why were you given your particular name?
How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Is there one thing you still won't tell your parents you have done?
If you were a vegetable, which one would you be?
If you were a fruit, which one would you be?
If your spouse described you as an animal, which animal would it be?
What is your favorite thing to do?
What is your favorite food?
What is your favorite book?
What is your favorite candy bar?
What is your favorite cookie?
What is your favorite sport?
What is your favorite kind of music?
What is your favorite song?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Do you consider yourself grown up? Why or why not?
How many kids do you want when you get married?
What place you would like to know about?
What place would you like to visit?
What is your favorite thing about your mom?
What is your favorite thing about your dad?
What is your favorite thing about yourself?
What makes you laugh?
Do you play a musical instrument? Which ones?
What is your favorite type of art?
Have you ever seen a broadway musical? Do you like theater?
Do you like building things?
What would you like to teach others about?
What are three adjectives which describe you?
How would your friend describe you to someone who has never seen you?
In five years, what kind of person will you be?
In ten years, what kind of person will you be?
What do you want to be doing in five years?
What do you want to be doing in ten years?
What are your favorite subjects in school?
When you have an hour of free time, what do you like to do?
What is your favorite movie?
What is the strangest thing you ever did?
What is the strangest food you ever ate?
Who is your favorite historical figure?
If you could each lunch with anyone living, who would it be?
If you could spend a day with someone who has passed on,
who would it be?
Do you like to sing?
Do you like to dance?
What was your most embarassing moment?
What is the stupiest thing you have ever done?
If you could be dictator for a week, what would you change?
What three items would you take if you knew you were going to stranded on a tropical island for a year?
What do you fear the most?
What is the most recent dream you can remember?
A genie in a bottle grants you one wish. Other than world peace,
what is your wish?
What is your favorite season and why?
What is your best physical feature?
You have one day left to live, how do you spend it?
What is the funniest movie you’ve seen?
Who is yourfavorite movie star?
What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
What do you say when you talk in your sleep?
If you were invisible for a month, what would you do?
What is one thing about you that no one here knows?
Who is your favorite Disney princess and why?
If you could only watch on TV show for the next year, which would it be?
What dessert do you order most often?
Who do you admire?
If you couldn’t live in this town, where would you move?
Which would you prefer as a second home: Mountain cabin, beach house or big city condo?
What would you do on your dream date?

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