Popcorn Toes

Summary: Popcorn Toes is a relay race where you strap a cup to your feet and race to fill a box.

Ages: From 6 to adult

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
At least two teams, up to 10 players per team

Two 12 oz plastic cups per player
Two large rubber bands per player
One box of equal size for each team
Two large paper clips per player
Bags of popped popcorn, amount depends on number of players

Set Up:
Beforehand, prepare a pair of plastic cups for each player. Use a tack or a small nail to poke a hole in the center of each cup bottom. Push one end of a thick rubber band through the hole and into the cup. Then, slip a large paper clip on the end of the band inside the cup, and gently pull the other end until the clip rests on the bottom of the cup. The rubber band, worn around the ball of the foot, holds the cup in place atop a player's shoe.

How to Play:
Just prior to the race, a member from each team is issued a big bag of popcorn and charged with filling teammates' cups from the moment the starting whistle blows until the relay ends. These individuals stand alongside their teams, always behind the starting line. Shallow boxes are set 5 yards beyond the starting line, opposite the teams.

When the whistle blows, the popcorn filler will fill both cups of popcorn on the first runners shoe. The first player in each team's line then sprints to the appropriate box and empties his cups into it, trying to lose as little popcorn as possible along the way. He then runs back to tag the next person in line.

The popcorn filler may fill all the players cups once the first runner has begun.

The second player then runs to the box and empties their cups. Play continues until one of the teams has successfully filled their box with popcorn.

Team members that have already raced must continue until the box is full.

Have a judge standing near the finish line and popcorn boxes to call a winner.

The team who fills their box first wins the game.

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