Summary: Pass a balloon from feet to feet in a circle.

Ages: 8 and up

Recommended Number of Players/Teams:
Group of 14 to 40

Multiple balloons

Set Up:
Each team sits in a circle.

How to Play:
Divide the group up evenly. It does not matter how many or on each team as long as they are equal.

The team sits on the ground in a circle. The first team member begins by blowng up a balloon, putting the balloon between his feet and passing it to the player on his right. The player on the right may only use his feet to get the balloon. The balloon is passed through the entire circle using only their feet.

If the balloon is dropped, the first player must blow up another balloon and begin again. The last player to retreive the balloon (this should be the player sitting to the left of the beginning player), has to pop the balloon by sitting on it.

The team with the most popped balloons within a specific time limit

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