Love Songs

Summary: Love Songs is won by being on the team that can sing the most songs that contain the word "love."

Ages: From 14 and older

Recommended Number of Teams: Best played with 3 to 5 teams, and at least three players per team.

Pen and a blank piece of paper per team.

Set Up:
No prior set up required.

How to Play:
1) Pass out the pen and paper to each team.

2) Give everyone 5 minutes to brainstorm as many songs as they can per team that contain the word love. Have them write down the song on their own team paper.

3) The first team begins by singing one of the songs either on their list or anything else they can think of. At least one member of the team must sing the song until they reach the word "love" in that song. They must also sing enough of the song that it is recognizable by all others in the room who know that song. If the song is not recognized by anyone, the host can determine if he/she believes the song is valid and can still award the team with a passing credit.

4) The next team then must do as is outlined in rule 3 by beginning to sing another song within 15 seconds of the last team and without repeating any song ever sung by any other team that evening. If a song is repeated, the team that repeated the song is eliminated.

The winning team is the last team left.

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