Two Truths and a Dream Wish

Summary: A non-competitive game where truths and dreams of the players are revealed.

Ages: 16 and older

Recommended Number of Players: Up to 15, unless time allows for more players

An index card or sheet of paper for each player
A pen or pencil for each player

Set Up:
No prior set up needed

How to Play:
Have each guest write two things about themselves that are true on an index card. They must also write one dream they have always wished for, but have not obtained. For instance, the dream may be written as "I have visited Alaska" while in reality they have not visited that state. Then the players all sit in a circle and one at a time reads the three statements from their cards to the group. It is important to tell the players to read the statments in any order, not always the two truths first and then the dream. The rest of the players may ask a few simple questions to clarify some details. Then everyone votes on which statement they believe to be the dream wish.

The player who fooled the most people during the game, wins.

You could also play this the classic way of writing down two truths and one lie about yourself. Same rules apply.

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